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Single Line Slate
This single line slate is very effective at creating high quality Braille. This one line, 25 cell slate can be used for dymo tape, labeling playing cards and much more. It's a much needed product for the blind that can help simplify everybody's life.
CAN - DO 4 Line Pocket Slate
Creating your own Braille can be a breeze with this product from Can-Do. The metal slate features four lines with 18 cells. The high-quality pins are located on the bottom. Constructed from durable Aluminum. Measures 2" x 6 1/8".
Full Page Plastic Braille Slate & Stylus
This is a very large, page sized, heavy-duty plastic Braille slate with tape slots. The even numbered lines of the slate are labeled in Braille for your benefit. Accommodates full pages, smaller sheets or tape. It has 30 cells and 27 lines. Holes are spaced along the side, where it is hinged, for inserting the slate into a binder. Pins on top. A matching, equally durable knob mushroom stylus is included.
Screw - In Point Stylus
The point screws into the handle of the stylus which makes it safe to carry and provides an end that can be used as an eraser. Made of plastic.
Jumbo Stylus
Jumbo stylus from the Howe Press.
Plastic Braille Slate 28 Cell 4 Line
This lightweight plastic slate has 4 lines of 28 cells. Pins on bottom. A standard stylus is included. Measures 8.25 x 1.75 inches.
Braille EZ Read Slate Aluminum 27 Cell 4 Line
Slate has 27 cells, 4 lines. Pins on top side. Stylus is included. Measures 8.25 x 1.75 inches.
Jumbo EZ Read Aluminum Slate
Slate has 4 lines of 18 cells, with extra large dots and cells. Pins on top side. Designed for persons who have difficulty learning or reading standard size Braille. Stylus is included. Measures 8.25 x 2.25 inches.
Braille Labeler by ila
Portable Braille labeler can accommodate .4 or .5 inch labeling tape. The upper rim of the dial is Brailled, while the lower rim shows the standard print alphabet. Symbols include small words, contractions and punctuation marks. Includes one free roll of transparent labeling tape.
Raised-Line Drawing Kit
A specially designed board that allows the user to write or draw on a regular sheet of paper and make the writing be tactile. You place a sheet of 8.5" x 11" standard or Braille paper on the board, write with a standard pen, turn the paper over and feel whatever you have drawn or written.
Refreshable Brailler Keychain
A clever pocket Brailler that comes with a small built-in stylus and a key chain. It has 6 cells to Braille abbreviated reminders or notes. When you are finished, press a little bar to clear the cells for the next message. Measures 2.5 inches x .75 x .50. Assorted colors.
Pocket Money Brailler
Place the bill between the two plastic Brailled strips and press the strips together. The denomination of the bill will be Brailled onto the money to allow you to identify it by touch when it is in your wallet. It can mark one, five, ten, twenty, fifty and one hundred dollar bills. The little bright orange plastic Brailler measures 3" x 1.5" and comes with a key chain.
Note Teller 2 - Talking Money Identifier
This compact, lightweight, portable talking money identifier verbally announces the denominations of ALL bills, from a one dollar bill to a one hundred dollar bill, even the new, colored bills. Easily select English or Spanish. The Note Teller is accurate, reliable and easy to operate: just insert the bill and listen for the voice. Operates on a 9-volt battery (included), and measures 1 X 3 X 6 inches and 8 ounces: perfect for the purse or pocket! There is an adjustable volume and headphone (not included) jack and it has a male voice. The Enhanced version is suitable for those who are deaf/blind, as it has a vibration code that indicates the denomination of the bill.
Small Reusable Cassette Postal Wallet
Use them over and over to mail cassettes. Heavy vinyl with a self closing feature and clear vinyl pocket to insert the address. Small size holds one cassette.
Brynolf Pocket Counter
This can be used as a knitting counter or to add sums of money to a maximum of 99.99. Comes supplied with a wrist strap.
Braille Keyring Teaching Cube
The cube features raised dots in 3 independently revolving sections. These can be turned to form different Braille letters for teaching purposes. A key ring is attached.
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