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Feel and Find
Colors add to the attractiveness of the 3D shapes, and the fun is not in seeing the pieces but in matching them correctly by feel. Each of the 10 geometric and 10 object shapes fits into its corresponding cut out that has a textured base. Children play by dealing the tiles and then reaching into the bag to feel for the matching shape. Great tactile exercise.
Brailled-100% All Plastic Playing Cards (1 Deck)
Durable plastic playing cards with .50 inch high, clearly visible numbers. Cards measure 3.5 x 2.25 inches.
Uno Deluxe Card Game
Bright, bold colors and large letters and numbers make the cards in this old favorite easily visible. Set comes in a rigid cardboard container, the bottom of which doubles as a card tray. Includes a score pad. Available with or without Braille (Braille set does not include the container and score pad). For ages 7 and up.
Jumbo Braille Dominoes (Double Six) (Raised Dots)
Standard double six dominoes that have raised, tactile, black colored dots. Dominoes measure 1" x 2".
Brailled Dice - Set of 2 Dice
These large (.75 x .75 inches) dice have black tactile dots on a white background.
Butterfly (Thank You)
Cover Text: Thank You
Inside Text: Your kindness is greatly appreciated
Description: A beautiful textured butterfly using coloured ink.
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